What was once touted as the "Block the Rocks" in the '50s and '60s, Pacific Avenue has seen its shares of successes and failures throughout the years. After a long dry spell, Pacific Avenue is starting to turn the corner to once again prove to the masses that it is the place to be while in Wildwood. With the opening or relocation of several restaurants, retail stores, bars and antique shops - local business owners are rebuilding the foundation of what once made this city so great.

In addition to this economic impact, a new non-profit organization was started to bring the masses back to the Avenue. The Pacific Avenue Block Party N/P, became an overnight success after their first event, the St. Patrick's Day Block Party. With live entertainment, a Guinness World Record attempt and the ultimate family friendly atmosphere, this inaugural block party drew crowds that spilled out into the streets. The mission of the Pacific Avenue Block Party N/P is to attract people back to downtown Wildwood and let them know that Wildwood is once again a destination.

In addition to Block Parties and new businesses, Pacific Avenue is also the hub of island wide events such as the Roar to the Shore Motorcycle Rally drawing upwards of 80,000 people and several custom car shows that bring over 30,000 participants and spectators alike. Bringing the community together, Pacific Avenue is also the main route for several holiday parades, which seem to grow year after year.

After several years of a tough economy, the people of Wildwood have decided to take back Pacific Avenue. With the strength of the community behind them, downtown Wildwood is on the right path to once again be the polished gem it once was in its heyday.